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The Fishing

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Kadie and Devin float
Kadie and Devin float
Kadie and Devin float
Kadie and Devin float
Chris's catch



The Fishing
Montana's Bighorn River is proclaimed by many to be America's premier trout stream. A tailwater fishery, the river flows from the bottom of the Yellowtail Dam into a large man-made Afterbay. The water from the dam enters the Afterbay at various rates, but is held and then released at a constant flow. The Bighorn Canyon behind the dam is filled by a 70 mile lake which slowly dissolves the limestone into the water. This process creates the world's largest "chalk stream" and is the basis for an exceptionally nutrient-rich environment. The resulting mossy bottom harbors aquatic insects in such large numbers that the Browns and Rainbows grow at a rate of 6 inches per year. An average 3 year old trout in the Bighorn is between 15 -18 inches long.

Cathy & Barry Beck
FlyFisherman.com: Bighorn River Hatches

"At the end of those two days, fishing was so good we canceled our plans and stayed on the Bighorn. All the motels were full in Fort Smith, so we slept wherever we could. One night we slept in a tent that belonged to a guide, and another night we slept in our car. The fishing was so good we rarely thought of the kinks in our necks, or where we would sleep the next night."

Bighorn River
Seasonal Fly Hatches

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Baetis (blue-winged olive)
Pale Morning Dun          
Tan Caddis            
Black Caddis          

Check out USGS streamflow conditions on the Bighorn River for St. Xavier, Montana

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